Jewelry Around the World- Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month

The Hispanic-Latino community is a prevalent one in New York City and the United States. It finds its way onto every street and corner.  As a result, the community slowly has impacted fashion and accessorizing. In today’s blog post, we will commemorate them by talking about the different jewelry that originates from or is inspired by Latin America. Mexico To begin, let us start with Mexico, where “The Homeland is First.” Catholicism is an extremely important aspect of Mexican Culture. Therefore [...]


Labor Day- Saving and Relaxing

Although kids are on summer break, labor day weekend is long awaited for working adults. Catching the tail ends of the summer, the weekend harbors perfect climate for outdoor activities. It ranges  from beach days, grilling, to picnics, always a great time for families. However one of the biggest events are the sales that come about. Malls and outlets are full to the brim with people. Everyone is walking around with the hope to save a few dollars. One [...]


Wedding Season – Fall in Love

The cool breeze begins to overshadow the heat brought by August. Bright greens are now replaced reddish browns and yellows.  Whether it’s a flip flop for a scarf, or an ice pop for some cocoa, these are all indicators of an upcoming fall. As this season approaches, many couples are eager to set in stone their unwavering love. The pleasant weather and comforting aesthetics of Fall make it perfect for weddings to take place. However, weddings are not commonly [...]