Buying A Ring Online

Buying a ring online

Buying a ring online often costs less than buying straight from a jewelry store. Fewer salespeople and more affordable overhead means you enjoy great savings without sacrificing quality. While the cultural standard dictates you spend up to two months of your salary on a ring, we believe the amount you spend should be a deeply personal decision. At we are happy to help you to select a stunning ring within any budget.

Choosing the style and shape 

With a variety of ring styles and diamond shapes available, your choices are nearly limitless. Start by exploring ring styles to find the perfect aesthetic. In halo or classic ring styles, multiple diamonds increase the ring’s sparkle, while a single solitaire diamond ring radiates stunning elegance. Next, consider the center diamond. Choose from among the most popular diamond shapes. You will also want to consider the best type of precious metal for your ring. For starters, choose between white and yellow metal, and learn about the pros and cons of each metal type.

Measuring the Right Ring Size 

Buying the correct ring size ensures your partner can wear her/his ring right away. Ask a friend or family member to trace a ring your partner already owns. With the correct ring size, you can rest assured that the ring you purchase will fit immediately. How to measure ring size? The method you use to measure a ring size depends on a few tactics, including whom you are buying for, and how much information you already know about your desired ring. Depending on her/his lifestyle, the thickness of the band will impact in everyday comfort. If her/his career requires minimal hands-on work, you may be able to splurge with a diamond stud or carved detail in the band. If her/his career or hobbies require a lot of physical labor, a simply styled, ultra-durable metal such as platinum is the better choice. Your partner will wear her/his wedding ring every day, and it should fit her/him as perfectly as your ring fits for you.

The Wedding Ring Guide

The exchanging of wedding rings symbolizes your union, commitment and love for one another. Whatever your ring size, style preference and budget is, has the perfect handcrafted wedding ring for you.

Consider Comfort

Comfort and durability are among the most important things to consider when selecting a wedding band. Diamond wedding rings, while requiring extra care over time, are a daily source of sophisticated brilliance. Plain or engraved wedding bands are easy to wear and highly durable, providing strong and simple beauty.

Women’s Wedding Rings offers many types of wedding rings for women. A bridal set matches your wedding ring perfectly to your engagement ring. Eternity bands and diamond wedding rings are fashion-forward options, gorgeous alongside your engagement ring or worn alone. Plain wedding bands capture the beauty of tradition with gold, platinum or palladium. When you look closely at various diamond bands, you’ll notice some key differences between them. Some have many smaller diamonds set securely down into the metal, while others have larger diamonds raised up around the band with prongs. Each has a subtly different type of sparkle.

Men’s Wedding Bands offers a variety of wedding bands for men, from the durable wide comfort fit to the elegant appeal of a an engraved band. The most popular styles for men include two tone metal bands and the classic comfort fit wedding rings. Pro tip: Start by selecting your desired ring width and then pick the metal and style.