Why Shop With Us

Because we are passionate about what we do!

At Adamantgold.com we are jewelry lovers and it’s our highest priority to deliver high quality jewelry at great prices to you.


Manufactured in the USA

All of our jewelry is proudly manufactured in New York City. We never outsource our manufacturing outside the USA and we never compromise quality.

Conflict-Free Diamonds

All of our diamonds are acquired from vendors that strictly comply with Kimberly Process. We ensure all the diamonds used in our jewelry are conflict-free and obtained from sources that help make a difference in the lives of local mining communities in war-torn countries.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry

We use 100% recycled precious metals in our jewelry. Adamantgold.com is proud to be an environmentally conscious  company – and we care.

Safe & Secure Shoppping

We use the latest technology in online transaction security. Our IT experts check and monitor the safety of every transaction so you can have peace of mind with your purchase.

Complete Product Information

We provide you with all the details about a product: gram weights, carat weights, diamonds used and measurements. We have the hands-on knowledge about our jewelry, and we are always ready to answer any additional questions you may have to make the right decision.

Custom Designs

From an idea to final precious jewelry piece, we can help you realize your dream! We use the latest technology to create exactly what you want, approved and confirmed by you at every step. We will work with you from concept to production phase to ensure your custom jewelry is entirely unique and flawless.

Customer Privacy

We value your privacy, and we guarantee that all the information you provide is safe and secure with us. Please check our privacy policy page for more details

Expert Advise

We are the jewelry experts. We are always here to help you with our experience, to answer your questions, and give you recommendations. Our experience will give you peace of mind when making your decision and choosing the right jewelry for any occasion.