Our Work

Quality is very important to us. We make every effort to provide only the best quality and craftsmanship for our customers. We’d like to share some details of our workmanship with you – we hope you enjoy getting an idea of how the process works!

All diamonds that we use are hand picked for size to match each individual piece, using only the highest quality diamonds.

After the diamonds are selected it’s time to check the casting quality and pre-polish the piece.

Next is the diamond setting process. The diamonds are hand set by our master diamond setter.

Once the diamonds have been set, it’s time to polish the piece. Our polishers are craftsman in their own right; it’s an exacting a delicate process.  For white gold jewelry, the next step is a rhodium treatment for enhanced clarity and shine.

The final step before the piece is ready to be shipped is our quality control team, who analyze each piece to make sure that we have achieved the standards of perfection that are the hallmark of all Adamantgold.com creations.