Be My Valentine- A History of Love

I am already sick of love My very gentle Valentine.   These are lines of the very first valentine. It was written by Charles, Duke of Orléans in the fifteenth century.  He was caught at a battle during the French civil war and while imprisoned, he wrote and sent the letter to his wife Bonne of Armagnac. In this poem the duke is longing for his beloved and expresses a deep despair for not being with his beloved. Although, we can’t be sure [...]


The Perfect Gift

It’s the holidays. It’s easy to get caught up in search of the perfect gift, whether you’re looking to treat yourself for all the hard work you put in this year, or trying to find meaningful gifts for friends and family, it can even get stressful. But don’t get that feeling take over, just when you start feeling that holiday anxiety, take a deep breath and start thinking of the good things the holidays bring, besides the lovely weather of [...]