Custom Design

An engagement or wedding ring is a highly individual expression that reflects on our very deepest feelings. No wonder so many customers choose to have their ring custom made for them. The process is actually just a matter of a few simple steps, and once you get in touch with us to get started, can be completed in a matter of weeks.

1. Idea submission and price quotation.

Just submit your design ideas – including any drawings or images that might illustrate your concept for the rings – along with your choice of metal and gemstones, as well as the size of the ring. (Please visit our FIND YOUR RING SIZE and METAL EDUCATION sections).

2. Ring Design.

Based on the material you have submitted to us, will provide you with a preliminary design. As part of the process of finalizing your ring, we are honored to help you to select just the right gems for the finished ring. We will then create the proposed final design.

3. Modeling

Using the proposed final design, we will create a wax model, which will allow you to view the design in all three dimensions. Alternatively, we can create a CAD (computer-aided design) model to give you a virtual 3D image of the finished ring. Based on the model, the customer can then request any modifications that are needed, or approve the final design.

4. Creating the ring

Once the final design has been approved, it is time for to make the finished ring. Once the setting has been created and the selected diamonds and/or other gems are set in the ring, it will be thoroughly inspected to assure the ring is of the finest quality and ready for delivery to its new owner!